Zillas On Acid present Capablanca

Zillas On Acid present Capablanca

Zillas On Acid

Sat, September 23, 2017

10:00 pm

Dolphin Tavern

Philadelphia, PA


This event is 21 and over

Capablanca (Discos Capablanca, Berlin)
Since he relocated to Berlin more than ten years ago from his native Spain, Capablanca has become a staple of the city’s underground and a permanent fixture in its club scene. His abandoning of boundaries and restrictions led him to refuse sticking to any particular scene or genre, cross pollinating artists and influences between Berlin, Düsseldorf and New York and championing the back then emerging talent of Willie Burns, Ron Morelli, Lee Douglas and other friends for his own label, Discos Capablanca, released seminal EPs from artists like Grackle (Burns), Two Dogs in a House (Morelli & Summers) and the Mutant Beat Dance (TRAXX & Beau Wanzer) spanning over the last decade.

Since then Capablanca has developed a very particular sound melting psychedelic influences, disco, industrial, acid and other far out genres and styles together to create a raw but consistent mix which can be heard in his own DJ sets and productions, remixes and collaborations for labels like Hivern Discs, Cómeme, Correspondant and Astrolab.

Zillas On Acid
Zillas on Acid is DJ duo Thomas Roland and James Weissinger. For the past decade, they've raddened Philadelphia dance floors with their monthly Broadzilla parties and as residents of Making Time, the Philly nightlife institution humbly described by designer David Rudnick as “the best place on the east coast of America to hear incredible music and completely lose your shit." Warped graphic design, head-scratching video art, a possibly-conceptual intern--the Zillas bring their peculiar aesthetic sensibility to everything they do. Mixing techno, post-punk, dub, and disco, they now turn their attention to original production, thrashing out their own jacked up version of late-night drum music to make people jump up and down via their label 100 Years of Solid Dudes.

RIYL: Dilettante Techno. Nightmare warp jumps. Sorayama dancehall droids kicking you in the face. Stay hydrated and await further communication: Zilladelphia is closer than you think.

Venue Information:
Dolphin Tavern
1539 S. Broad Street
(at Broad & Tasker)
Philadelphia, PA, 19147